Corrales Writers Collective is a weekly group open to writers (experienced and aspiring) who drop in and spend an evening writing short, timed pieces.  We use collectively generated writing prompts, write for 10-30 minutes, and immediately read aloud what we’ve just written. Many of the members of the CWC use the group to start work or to expand upon works-in-progress. 

Recently, members of the group have been going to public events, slams and open mics to read aloud. Two members of the group were recognized in August at Albuquerque’s Dime Stories, very exciting and motivating!

Andy Paquet won for his short story “The Optomistic Methodist,” which you was recorded live and can be heard right here.

Susy Crandall made Honorable Mention at the same event, and we certainly expect to hear her stories recorded at future events, either Dime Stories or elsewhere.

The group is currently comprised of a core membership of 8-10 regulars, and is an open-door group for people who are ready to give 2 hours of their lives to sitting down and writing.

Consider yourself invited.

Teresa Ybarra Phillips, hosting CWC weekly
(May be seen also at Cuentos)